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Gullwing SLR > 2.포노 카트리지(Phono Cartridges)

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Benz Micro SLR Gullwing High Output Moving Coil Cartridge 

Benz Micro SLR stands for S Class, L for Luft or air in German, and R for Ruby. "Gullwing" is Benz' homage to the Glider symbol.
At first glance, the Benz Micro SLR resembles the famous Glider, but the SLR Gullwing is derived from the highly regarded Benz Micro Ruby and the LP S-Class. An open-air design like the Glider, the SLR is the only Benz Micro cartridge other then the LP S-Class with a frame machined from brass.
The generator uses the square ruby plate and oversized neodymium magnet similar to the Benz Micro Ruby. Finally, the Benz Dynascan, a Gyger S stylus side-bonded to a solid boron cantilever, completes this outstanding cartridge. Open, sweet, detailed and dynamic, the Benz Micro SLR Gullwing is more than a Super Glider. Think of it as the convertible sports coupe version of the LP S-Class.
Output 0.34mV
Stylus 5x120m
Impedance 38 ohms
Loading range >400 ohms
Weight 12.2g
Compliance 15cu
Tracking force 1.8-2g

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