Benz Micro Ruby Z > 2.포노 카트리지(Phono Cartridges)

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Benz Micro Ruby Z > 2.포노 카트리지(Phono Cartridges)

Benz Micro Ruby Z 요약정보 및 구매

제조사 Benz micro
판매가격 3,800,000원
포인트 0점
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Benz Micro Ruby Z

The motivation

Never before now have I had the opportunity to analyze a phono-cartridge. However, there has to be a first time for everything, and this will be my initiation in the world of analogue sources.

I’ve had in my system different needle brands, among which were Goldring, Benz Micro, Clearaudio and Lyra, so our special guest today is one we are familiar with. In fact, I owned a Benz Micro Ruby 2. A moment of candor here: I purchased the Ruby but never quite fell in love with it. It never sounded the way I wanted it to, despite being combined with an SME IV tonearm and my old Brinkmann Edision. I ended up selling it and acquiring a Clearaudio Concerto.

As stated, this first contact with the Benz Micro was not especially f

Benz Micro Ruby Z__1

I should also point out that since the last time I had a Benz at my house, I have changed my turntable. I have moved from a Transrotor Leonardo 25 25 60 Doppio turntable, with an SME IV tonearm to a SPJ La Luce with an SPJ titanium tonearm. With the most recent turntable, I have been using a Lyra Titan i. Again, I wasn’t happy with this combination either. I had the impression that my new combination of turntable-tonearm could sound much better than it actually did. I had spoken several times with Judith Spotheim, designer and owner of SPJ, who informed me that the combination of an SPJ tonearm and Lyra phono-cartridge was not the best. She suggested very explicitly that I try the Benz Micro.

This was my state of mind when the opportunity arose to try out a Benz phono-cartridge. Without any hesitation, I set about testing the object of this review which, without further ado, is: the Ruby Z phono-cartridge.

Benz Micro Ruby Z__2


Technical data

Output 0.34mV
Stylus 5x120m
Impedance 38 ohms
Loading range >400 ohms
Weight 10.2g
Compliance 15cu
Tracking force 1.8-2g


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